Why I'm Running

I am running for State Representative from Brookline because I want to make sure that Brookline has a passionate, knowledgeable representative who is will stand up for all those who are making a life in this town. 

I am not running just to take a seat.  I am running to make a difference.

I bring to the State House a long career in government, non-profit research and advocacy, and philanthropy, focused on amplifying civic voices, advancing human rights, protecting the reproductive rights and health of women, and building stronger services and supports for children, youth and families.

Those passions informed and inspired my public service in Brookline, where I’ve been privileged to serve since 2002 as a Town Meeting Member from Precinct 3,

and I was proud to serve as a School Committee Member for almost twelve years, chairing the Committee from 2010-2012.

During my tenure and leadership on School Committee, we:

  • Negotiated significantly more time in Brookline’s too-short school day and greatly increased teacher salaries
  • Introduced K-12 world language education that is now a basic part of a Brookline education
  • Passed the 2008 override, securing essential funds to implement the longer school day and the world language program, and bringing the Town budget back into sustainability
  • Formed the first-ever Schools Facilities Master Plan committee – involving the community in an extended conversation about how best to address Brookline’s extraordinary enrollment growth and our need for additional school space
  • Renovated and expanded Runkle and Devotion Schools, built permanent additions at Heath and Lawrence, and designed and are preparing to build a much-needed expansion of Brookline High School
  • ·Kept class sizes low by leading the successful 2015 Yes for Brookline override campaign that enabled us to hire the additional teachers, specialists, and support staff
  • Involved the entire community in creating a comprehensive 5-year Strategic Plan for the Public Schools of Brookline, and established Educational Equity as one of Brookline’s Core Values. That value that now informs everything we do from budgeting, to School Committee policies, to capital planning.

I will also bring to the 75% male MA legislature the experience of being a professional woman with my own #metoo moments, the experience of being mom to two spirited millennials, and the experience too many of you have shared – of being a daughter who had the responsibility of organizing the care that allowed my wonderful father to remain at home during his difficult last year of life.

Everything I have worked for for the past 30+ years seems to be under attack at the federal level. That makes it even more important that we have a strong and principled legislature, protecting the progress and freedoms we have and continuing to lead and move us forward. I want to be Brookline’s representative on Beacon Hill to continue forging the relationships and finding the solutions that will let us meet the challenges we face today in both Brookline and the Commonwealth, and to ensure that our community is a vibrant, supportive, and welcoming place for all.